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According to a recent analysis by CIBC, only 2.2% of mortgages are given out by alternative institutions other than banks and credit unions.  However, that statistic is up from recent years and continues to grow as more and more Canadians chose non-traditional lenders for mortgages.

This is a result of strict bank regulations and Canadians seeking to overcome bad credit.  With the tightening of government regulations, non-traditional lenders have found openings in the mortgage market.

Through this, non-traditional lenders have built their own market and target clientele, thus creating an increasingly heated competitive industry.  This in mind, Tembo Financial is a leading non-traditional private lender catering to Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.  Do you need an advance on your equity?  Tembo can help you receive your money in as little as 48 hours with no credit check and no appraisal*.  Call Tembo today to take the next step into your financial future.


*Subject to qualification.

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