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Benefits of Condominium Living

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 1 Comment

In our last post we discussed how condominium living is the only option for those who have a home budget of less than $500,000.  With the average Toronto condo costing over $415,000 this is the only option for first-time homebuyers.  Though buyers with this budget may have been hoping for semi-detached or townhouse living, there are many benefits of condominium living.  Here are some of them:

  • Maintenance

In almost all situations, your condominium fees will cover the maintaining of the roof, windows, landscaping, etc.

  • Location

Condos are often located in prime locations, where detached and even semi-detached houses are not an option.

  • Security

Many condominiums have added security features, including a buzzer system, concierge, or guard service.

  • Amenities

Many condominium complexes offer access to amenities including fitness centres and reception areas.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that maintenance of the condo would be such a draw for me. I dream of investing in a condominium and not having to worry about landscaping or roof repair would be such a great benefit for me! I will keep researching online to find the ideal condo to live in.

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