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Deciding Where To Live

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

Typically homebuyers chose where they are generally going to live based on family, friends, and careers.  However, more specifically how do people decide where to start their home search?  Some things to consider are the commute you will have to take from your home to work.  For example, in Toronto if you opt-out of the downtown lifestyle, you may chose to live along the subway line or more suburban close to the GO train tracks which stretch from Oshawa to Hamilton and as far north as Lake Simcoe.  Furthermore, this decision should not be rushed, take your time and drive around your prospective communities.  Take a look at the local businesses, go in, shop around and get a real feel for the neighbourhood.  This should give you an idea of who your neighbours and community members would be if you chose to live in this area.  The retailers in the community say a lot about the area, for instance if the shopping area is comprised of high end stores then it is clear that the neighbourhood can sustain these businesses, evidently proving the residents are of a high income.  This will reflect clearly in the price of homes in that area.  As a whole ensure you take a critical look at your prospective neighbourhoods.  Where will you buy groceries?  Do you need a Whole Foods or can you settle for Loblaws?  Maybe you don’t care and prefer to shop local and visit farmers markets.  These are important questions you must ask yourself in deciding where to start your home search, because buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

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