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A good home inspection can increase the value of your home, decrease the time it’s on the market and minimize negotiation on the selling price. Home inspections are not just for buyers but for sellers too. As a seller a good home inspection report will increase your selling price substantially and reduces the risk of buyers coming back to renegotiate the selling price. This is because you have a professional’s signed opinion, documenting the true value of your home with legitimate numbers that everyone can understand. This is useful for home buyers, home sellers, and even homeowners.

A good home inspection report should include the names and numbers of all contractors who have done any improvements on the house, product warranties, and anything else that could potentially make the buyer more comfortable. Minimizing the risk for the homebuyer should be the goal of the seller, this may result in a higher selling price however this extra assurance is a selling feature on its own.

Once or perhaps even during this step of the home selling/buying process, it’s time to contact Tembo Financial. Tembo can help you get an advance on the money you are entitled to. Tembo offers this unique loan service to home sellers/buyers across the GTA and Ontario, with no appraisal and no credit check granting you access to your money in as little as 48 hours*.

*Subject to qualification.

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