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One of the number one tips for investing is diversification. Most value investors chose to concentrate their holdings by only investing in their 10 to 15 top ideas. Whereas successful venture capitalist’s have close to 100 companies in their holdings or portfolio. Obviously, investors will subsidize the companies that most interest then, but that doesn’t mean one should put “all their eggs in one basket”. Having a diverse portfolio is beneficial to those less informed on the stock market and is an ideal strategy since most people can not predict which stocks have years of outperformance ahead of them.

Strategically, patience is most important when it comes to investing for the reason that stocks should be bought cheap and when they approach a fair value should be sold. This can often take years to play out which is why patience is key when financing a venture.

Whether or not investing is one of your expenses, Tembo Financial can advance your equity and give you a loan in as little as 48 hours with no appraisal or credit check*. Tembo offers property owners a unique service whereby they can apply for an advance on their money prior to the closing of their property.

*Subject to qualification.

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