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Making An Offer

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

After completing your search, comparing monthly expenses, and taken a crucial look you have found the home that’s right for you.  Now it’s time to make an offer to purchase.  It is helpful to work with a realtor and even a lawyer to get your offer prepared.  An offer to purchase will typically include the names of yourself and the seller, the price you’re offering, what is included with the sale, amount of your deposit, closing day, offer expiry date, and any other conditions.

After putting your offer together it is a good idea to have your lawyer take a look at it even if a realtor helped you prepare it since it is a legally binding document.  You could expect a few responses from the seller.  In an ideal situation, the seller accepts your offer and you can move onto the next steps in the home buying process.  Typically the seller will make a counter-offer, possibly asking for a higher price or different terms.  At this point you either accept their new price/terms and move on or continue to negotiate.

Have you sold your home, and now can use an advance on your equity before closing day?  Tembo Financial can help!  Tembo offers this unique service to homeowners in Ontario and the GTA.  You could receive your money in as little as 48 hours with no credit check and no appraisal* for expenses that matter to you.  Don’t wait, start today!

*Subject to qualification.

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