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The recent changes made to Canada’s mortgage rules is in response to the some of Canada’s heated real estate markets.  As a result, Canada’s home buyers will now face larger down payment requirements for homes over $500 000.

The greatest change is that home buyers now have to put at least a down payment of 10 per cent on the portion of the price of a home over $500 000.  This means that if buying a $700 000 home would require the down payment to rise to $45 000 from $35 000.  However, home under $500 000 will continue to require only a down payment of five per cent.

The majority of people affected will be those buying homes in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada’s hottest markets.  This will especially affect the first-time buyers in those cities who will have to make larger down payments.  On the bright side, these new rules will have a very minuscule impact on the price of homes.

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