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For quite some time traditional lending that is being practiced by banks and conventional lenders declined many individuals that could pay back loans but currently did not meet their strict requirements. Private lenders typically consider various factors when offering lending solutions, such as private mortgages, instead of only looking at a borrower’s credit history and income.

Private mortgages are often short-term loans that typically range from 1 to 5 years in length; they are only one of the many solutions offered by private lenders like Tembo Financial, a non- traditional lender based in Toronto, Canada.

Tembo Financial understands that every individuals situation is different and offers a few reasons for seeking a non-traditional private lender:

a) You do not want to wait for a long approval process

b) You immediately want to purchase additional property

c) You have a bad credit history

d) You are only interested in a short-term loan

e) You have income that cannot be confirmed and prevents you from obtaining a traditional loan

f) You need very fast financing

Regardless of your reason, private lenders like Tembo Financial seek to accommodate you and your unique situation. Contact a private lender today!

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