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Spring Your Home Into The Market

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

Despite the weather we’ve been experiencing in Toronto, spring is just around the corner—only a month away according to the calendar—which is a key time to sell and buy.  Here are some tips for selling your home in the Spring:

Buyers who are looking in the spring are tired of winter and are looking forward to the warmer weather.  As a seller who knows they have buyers looking forward to summer, you should focus on staging your home with bright colours and fresh flowers, while using as much natural light as the home can offer.

Small investments can go a long way.  Although you are the one moving out of the home, it is important that lighting fixtures, appliances, kitchens, and bathrooms are up to date and appealing in the current market.  Making a small investment, for example, in faucets or new energy efficient lighting can go a long way.  These results could be very beneficial and will attract and appeal to the markets current buyers and in many cases raise the price of the home.

Ensure the appearance of the home is perfect.  Sellers are always concerned about staging and the interior however a major element that is often overlooked is the front lawn.  This can often be the tipping point for buyers.  If the yard is in perfect condition, its just one more reason to buy, if it isn’t then its one more reason not to buy.

Have you sold your home, and now can use an advance on your equity before closing day, perhaps you need money for renovations?  Tembo Financial can help!  Tembo offers this unique service to homeowners in Ontario and the GTA.  You could receive your money in as little as 48 hours with no credit check and no appraisal* for expenses that matter to you.  Don’t wait, start today!

*Subject to qualification.

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