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Starting A Family With Rising Home Prices

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

A new survey found that 72.1 per cent of millennials believe their ability to start or expand their family is directly impacted by real estate prices in their region. For example, in Toronto a detached home now sells for an average price of $1 million which can be quite out of reach for many looking to start families. This leaves the only feasible solution other than renting to be condominium living, which can be done for much less than $1 million. However, the majority of condominiums available in Toronto are only one-bedrooms which would cause an issue for someone looking to start a family. Furthermore, according to Urbanation Inc. only five per cent of new condos in Toronto have over three bedrooms. Therefore, millennials looking for the typical family household with a backyard are forced farther and farther out of the city.

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