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Sustainability: Doing Your Part

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

Tembo Financial did some research to bring you some tips on sustainability in your own home.  Doing a few of these things can substantially lower your energy costs and aid in sustaining the environment.

  • Move closer to work

Moving closer to work will save you time but also reduce the number of vehicles on the road.  One third of all car travel is commuting.

  • Use reusable bags instead of plastic

In recent years, businesses have begun charging people for plastic bags.  Bringing your own reusable bags will not only save you money but also considerably reduce garbage since most cities can not recycle plastic bags.

  • Low-flow shower heads and toilets

This is a way to reduce your water bill and save water.

  • Energy-Efficient lightbulbs and appliances

Investing in new lightbulbs and appliances can be expensive, however looking at the long term they are sure to pay off with low operating costs and of course maintaining sustainability.

  • Bike or walk

Consider biking or walking when travelling short distances.

  • Use public transit

Most cities have made energy saving or efficiency improvements on their public transportation.  Take advantage of this and ride the bus, subway, or streetcar when possible.  Regardless, the more people in one vehicle, the better it is for the environment, this also applies to carpooling.

From turning out the lights when you leave the room to recycling anything and everything you do has an impact on the environment and sustainability.

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