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Tembo Financial has been featured in a blog! Bruce M. Firestone, PhD, recently discussed Tembo’s unique and innovative financing service on his blog: Prof Bruce. After viewing Tembo Financial’s newly released commercial, (Click here to view.) Firestone published an article outlining a number of scenarios as to how entrepreneurs can finance their real estate projects through Tembo’s unique service. He describes Tembo’s undertaking of financial security and the endless possibilities of homes as an asset.

Click here to view Prof Bruce’s article on Tembo Financial.

Furthermore, Firestone provides readers with more ways to use Tembo, extending this unique service to those who flip houses and those who would benefit from bridge financing. Relevant to a condominium dominated city like Toronto, he explains how Tembo is particularly useful for closing deposits and other expenses associated with owning a condo.

Prof Bruce described Tembo Financial as “an alternative open-minded equity focused lender”. Contact us today to get an advance on your money in as little as 48 hours with no appraisal and no credit check*.

*Subject to qualification.

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