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Where To Start A Family

Tembo Financial February 26, 2016 No Comments

As a continuation of our previous article “Deciding Where To Live” many may be wondering what factors are at play when deciding where to start a family.  Wherever you chose to start your family, is typically where you want to stay at least until your children are finished high school.  You want to chose somewhere safe, sustainable, accessible, and long term.  This home needs to be practical, for you and your spouse, your children and your relatives.  Look for an ideal commute for you and your spouse for work, while keeping in mind your children’s education, and the proximity to your parents, siblings, and friends.  All considered, a priority should be affordability, just an extra ten minute commute could mean cheaper housing.  Look at the education systems, will your children be going to private school or public?  How close are these to your home?  Check out the schools, take a walk, and ensure this is where you want to raise your children.  Look at the parks and get an idea for your neighbours, many people who are starting a family want to be around other people doing the same thing.  Generally, how old are the homeowners in your community?  Overall, you should weigh out the pros and cons of the community and make sure you can see a future for yourself there.

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