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It is important for developers and real estate agents to have a firm grasp on the needs of their clientele.  The people entering the market today have much more complex needs and the one size fits all ideas for development can no longer be applied.  Therefore, millennials are heavily transforming the home buying process.  Most obviously, this is done through the use of technology.  According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 50 per cent of millennials search for homes on their phones and, among those, 26 per cent end up buying a home they found that way.  Mobile apps and mobile optimized sites have proven to have much more traffic than desktop sites.  This is because the majority of todays potential home buyers are always on the go and turn to their phones and tablets first.  Millennial home buyers searching for homes on their phones must see photos and lots of them.  As a home seller or real estate agent, you should ensure there are ample photos of the home online and they need to be good.  If you aren’t as tech savvy as your potential buyers you could consider hiring a photographer to capture your home or ensure this is on the agenda of your real estate agent.  Anything technology related you can do to make your home more appealing or advance it in any way is sure to be more successful among millennials.

Have you sold your home, and now can use an advance on your equity before closing day, perhaps you need money for renovations?  Tembo Financial can help!  Tembo offers this unique service to homeowners in Ontario and the GTA.  You could receive your money in as little as 48 hours with no credit check and no appraisal* for expenses that matter to you.  Don’t wait, start today!

*Subject to qualification.

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