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A good way to decide if suburban or rural living is right for you is to first figure out your budget.  How much can you spend on a home?  With this number begin looking at homes in urban, suburban, and rural areas.  There will be under and overpriced homes in all of these areas but try and find an averagely priced home that you would actually want.  For the purpose of this exercise these homes need to practical.  Now with these three homes of the same price, really analyze them.  Depending on your budget, many people will find that their dollar will go a lot farther in suburban or rural areas.  Looking at these three homes, you will realize that you will most likely be sacrificing square footage, loosing the extra bedrooms or office, and having less bathrooms.  You may also lose suburban/rural luxuries like a front and backyard and a multi-car garage.  After taking these into account and you still think its worth it, then urban living is for you, if not then perhaps you should be looking for a home in suburban or rural areas.

Some of the benefits of rural living include:

  • Nature
  • Space
  • Lower cost of living
  • Community
  • Family-oriented

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*Subject to qualification.

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