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In Canada, November marks Financial Literacy Month. For 2016, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is looking to raise awareness about managing debt, saving, and understand the rights and responsibilities that come with being a consumer in Canada.

This week, the agency shifts their focus to budgeting, a combat to the lack of willpower and an attempt to relieve the stress that many Canadians face each day.  How do they propose you do so? We’ve included some of their easy budgeting steps below to help you work towards a happy and healthy financial lifestyle.

  • Organization: This means recording all of your current expenses, so you’re aware how your funds are allotted and where you can cut spending.
  • Identify your short term and long term goals, and ensure to include them in your budgeting.
  • Pay more than the minimum on bills whenever possible.
  • Divide your expenses into things you need and things you want.

Our strongest addition to these easy budgeting steps?

  • Understand the difference between good and bad Building equity in your home is different than racking up credit card debt. Understanding the difference in value between these sorts of debt will ensure that your long-term budget is manageable and fulfilling to your long term goals.

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*Subject to qualification.

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