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Ontario’s new budget plan has added several points to expand opportunities in the province.  Here are a few initiatives planned for 2017.

Affordable Expenses: It has been made easier for Canadians to pay for everyday expenses. This includes the Ontario Housing Plan, Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit, and the Ontario Caregiver Tax Credit.

Healthcare: The health investments will increase by $11.5 billion over the next three years. Moreover, prescriptions will be free for Canadians under the age of 24.

Education: The government has promised a new $5.5-billion investments for a stronger education system. There have also been more programs to support young children with who are dealing with intellectual and learning disabilities.  

Creating Opportunities:  For newcomers and current residents, there will be more options for Ontarians to thrive within the workforce and within communities. The government has created the Jobs and Prosperity Fund to enhance productivity, innovation, and export activities.

Balanced Budget: For long term economic growth, there are plans to improve Ontario’s unemployment rate. The government has planned to set an interim target.

Women Empowerment: The government has improved equality by increasing women’s wages and providing more corporate leadership roles.  There is also the Gender Wage Gap Strategy that will increase the wage for female dominated professions within the industry.

Moreover, the Ontario government has funded three initiatives to support the voice of Ontarians.

Reducing and Preventing Food Waste: Receive a budget of $600 000.

Improving Digital Services for Libraries: Receive a budget of $1 million.

Accessing Digitized Health Data:  Receive a budget of $1 million.


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