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According to the Globe and Mail, housing sales in the Greater Toronto Area plummeted by 50 per cent for the first two weeks of June compared to the same period last year. It has been difficult for students and recent graduates to find affordable housing within the downtown core. Here are a few tips on searching for a new home in the city.

Research: Try to analyze the housing markets and the price range of specific neighborhoods. Consider the type of housing you’ll be able to afford whether it is an apartment, townhouse, or condo. Move-in fees, pet policy, and insurance are other costs to consider when moving in.

Budget: Make sure expectations match your financial reality. Find a housing unit you’ll be able to afford throughout the years by creating a budget plan. Creating a breakdown of every monthly costs will help you set an ideal price for your rent.

Negotiate: If you’ve found affordable rent, there’s a possibility that you’ll be able to bargain the costs with the landlord.

Find a roommate: Especially if you’re a post-secondary student, you’ll be able to save more money by having someone to support the cost of rent. Finding someone trustworthy will help you budget the costs throughout the year.

Seek Advice: Whether it’s from a close family or friend, ask for help to find when shopping around. They might have good advice to give on where to look, and advice on things to consider when searching.  


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