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Why Tembo matters now more than ever

Higher interest rates, insurance premiums and rising moving costs, new stress tests and tighter bank scrutiny and the extremely low availability of rental units in the GTA make Tembo’s services more relevant than ever.

Tembo is all about giving homeowners flexibility, added resources, and peace of mind in the event of a move to another property. If you are a homeowner who wants to sell their home and buy a new one, for whatever reason, market dynamics are making it more stressful, expensive, and complicated to seal the deal smoothly and make the transition easily. Tembo provides deposit advances on the basis of equity so homeowners can seal their new purchase without waiting stressfully for months for a property to close and sell.


Tembo Financial offers financial solutions that provide homeowners flexibility, added resources, and peace of mind in the event of a move to another property.

Higher interest rates mean that the scrutiny and cost of receiving a mortgage are increasing, this provides less flexibility for homeowners in securing financing for a new purchase. It also could result in complications, ongoing administrative and approval trouble, and a prolonged closing period, which would make any family stressful. A few lost days waiting for a property to close and a mortgage to be approved could mean the difference between a dream home purchased or not, let alone several more weeks or even months. Tembo is here to provide you with the deposit or mortgage you need now.

In 2018 Buying A Home Is Going To Be A Rough Ride – Tembo Can Help

  Interest rates are also set to continue rising, and Tembo predicts more rate rises if unemployment and growth figures remain strong. If a first-time homebuyer is purchasing the property you are selling, prepare for a potential rough ride and a tough sale process. Stress tests, increasing insurance premiums, and immense bank scrutiny mean the sale will not close as smoothly as was the case in the past. Tembo is here to help you have peace of mind. If you plan on moving out you will need resources to make the timely process of finding a new place more convenient and Tembo can help with that as well.

            In any event, selling a property will continue to generally become more difficult and stressful. Whether its with money for a deposit, renovation or perhaps something else Tembo is here to help! Contact us today to access your equity today.

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