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Power of sale can make it seem like you’re not in control of selling your home. Read this article to learn what it is & how to stop power of sale.

Power of sale allows your lender to sell the subject property and be repaid from the proceeds of the sale. This often happens when clients miss payments, are late on payments, or their mortgage has matured and is not getting renewed. It is up to the discretion of the lender to take action for power of sale. Many lenders that are not repaid on time are forced to use these measures. What many people don’t know, is that this process is able to be stopped in its tracks, before it’s taken too far.

Having your home sold under power of sale comes with a stigma. Often times people think that they can take advantage, and offer lower prices because of the way power of sale is structured. Instead of going through the process of power of sale, Tembo Financial can repay your mortgagee that is putting you through this, and have you sell your home as you normally would.

The benefits of this are that you are in control. Rather than putting something as important as your home in the hands of someone that you may not trust, you are given control to sell your home.

Don’t let your lender decide what your house sells for. Taking a mortgage with Tembo Financial will give you the time you need to sell your property and pay out your current lender.

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