Hannah Betel April 7, 2020 No Comments

Tembo Financial is here to support you while selling your home. We understand the uncertainty of the market right now, however, homeowners are finding creative ways to list and buy new real estate.

Many homeowners are creating new ways to have you see their home, without coming in close contact. Realtors and clients are now using virtual tours to adapt to our new way of living, and social distancing. Even though you can’t physically walk through the new home you are looking at, virtual tours seem to be taking off and heating up the real estate market. Virtual tours have been an option in the past few years, but it seems as though there is an upward trend on using them as a tool to list and sell property.

As the world is adapting to changing guidelines and regulations, so is the real estate market. Rather than being discouraged to list during the spring market, look at the new opportunities and ways that people are adapting to challenges.

Tembo Financial can assist you with the funds you need before your closing date. We understand that many people are unable to work, and are tight for cash. Speak to a representative at Tembo Financial to see how we can help you through tough times!

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