Hannah Betel May 6, 2020 No Comments

Preparing your home for an open house is extremely important. It shows potential buyers what they can do with the space upon move in. In today’s day, with all tours being virtual, there are some key points to note while listing your property for sale.

  1. Make sure that your virtual tour is filled with light. Natural light will help highlight the key elements of your home
  2. Be sure to de-clutter! Even though you are not having buyers walk through your home, remove any clutter so that the buyers can really get a grasp of the space they are looking at.
  3. Curbside appeal. Without being able to physically walk through your home, it is possible that your potential buyers will want to drive by the home before putting in an offer! Be sure to polish your front lawn and have a clean outside area. This will attract buyers without them even being inside of your home!

Virtual tours are taking over the real estate market. Don’t let that fool you! People will still be looking at every corner of your home and it is as important as ever to present your home well.

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