Hannah Betel May 28, 2020 No Comments

With the current situation and many people not wanting to have open houses, it is becoming more important to boost your curb side appeal.

Here are some easy tips from Tembo to help you sell your home!

1. Make sure your grass looks fresh and is cut!

2. If you have any areas of the outside of the home that need touch up paint jobs, be sure to do so before putting on the market

3. Plant flowers/ have a garden! This will brighten up the home and show potential buyers the natural beauty of your home

4. Clean the outside of the home by pressure washing.

5. Wash the windows. An easy tip to make your house more appealing! Window washing should be done to show how you maintain your property!

These 5 easy tips should help attract buyers. Boosting curb side appeal right now is more important than ever, especially while not having as many open houses!

Stay positive and remember that its the little things that count! Something as small as planting a few flowers will brighten up the outside of your home in no time!

Good luck with the sale of your home!

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