Hannah Betel July 9, 2020 No Comments

Applying for a deposit loan in Ontario can be very simple! Tembo Financial is able to give you the funds you need for a deposit on a new purchase while your home is on the market or already sold. 

Applying for a deposit loan requires few documents, making the transaction quick and easy, enabling you to secure your new purchase. 

Tembo Financial can help those who have listed their homes, and those who have sold already. When applying for this type of loan, there are rarely credit checks or appraisals done to the home. 

Tembo Financial also offers options in which the sellers do not have to make any monthly payments and only repay the loan upon the closing date of the sold property! 

If you are planning to sell your home this summer or know anyone that is, reach out to Tembo Financial to see how you can qualify for a quick and easy deposit loan! 

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