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In this blog post, Tembo will inform readers that your property taxes should not have to go through the roof because of your municipality being cash strapped from COVID-19.
That’s because the Government of Ontario and the Federal Government have come to an agreement on the transfer of over $4 billion dollars in money for local government and transit agencies. We’re all aware of the impacts of COVID-19 on our towns and cities and their financial bottom lines. The money that we’ve received from the federal government will help local governments maintain the critical services people rely on every day, including public transit, over the next six to eight months. Details on specific allocations will be provided in the coming weeks. This funding is part of the province’s made-in-Ontario plan for renewal, growth and economic recovery.
Mr. Popular, Premier Doug Ford worked to secure this money with the Prime Minister,  municipal partners, fellow Premiers, and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland to reach this historic agreement, which includes $777 million from the federal government and $1.22 billion from the province in support for municipalities. Ontario will continue to work closely with its municipal partners to ensure this funding provides the support they need to address budget shortfalls related to COVID-19. A big, crucial deal for public transit funding was also secured as part of the federal-provincial agreement. Up to $2 billion will be shared equally between Ontario and the federal government. Transit operators that have seen steep declines in revenues will receive the support they need to help address the financial impacts of COVID-19 and continue their operations in a safe manner.
If you hear from your local Councillor, Mayor, or even a friend or family member that property taxes will be going up, up, and up because of COVID, tell them about the Safe Restart Agreement, as this deal is being called. The Safe Restart Agreement represents over $19 billion of your hard earned tax dollars from Ottawa for local government across our country. This isn’t the first dollop of money to local government, Ontario has invested about $350 million to support municipalities and social service providers such as shelters and food banks, as well as individuals receiving social assistance and those who are ineligible to receive federal support. Ontario has also invested billions to support the health system, build new schools, and cut and delay taxes for businesses, consumers, and individuals. 

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