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In a recent briefing to the media, Premier Ford had the following message: “Everyone’s worked hard: healthcare folks have worked hard, the people of Ontario… we just can’t go back, we have to go forward. We can’t afford another lockdown. I’m 99 per cent sure we won’t face any more lockdowns, but nothing in this pandemic is 100 per cent. And we will always follow the guidance of the health table.” The province does have a plan to fully re-open, to move away from the step system, and to return to ‘normal’ with some public health measures if appropriate. To get to this point, our vaccination figures would have to reach 80% for one shot, and 75% for full vaccination.

Ontario’s new Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore had this to say: “If [we hit vaccination targets] and other key public health and health system indicators continue to remain stable, then the vast majority of public health and work safety measures will be lifted… only a small number of measures will remain in place, including the requirement for passive screening, such as posting a sign, and businesses requiring a safety plan.” In addition, every public health unit must have 70% of its inhabitants fully vaccinated. As of July 22nd, we’ve hit 80.5% of people with one shot, and 65.6% who are fully vaxxed.

Some expect us to reach this ‘step 4’ in mid August, given the 21 day rule, and given vax increase numbers. Dr. Moore has been quoted in the media as saying that until 90% of the population is fully vaxxed, the threat of more transmissible variants won’t go away.

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