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MP Pierre Poilievre is the leading (and only) Conservative leadership candidate in the fallout of former Opposition leader Erin O’Toole’s removal. The bilingual Ottawa based MP who served as a junior Minister in the Harper Government has been relentlessly focused on linking growing inflation and BOC intervention with ever higher housing prices and housing insecurity. He is the dominant voice on inflation, high prices, and housing shortages in Federal politics. Several weeks ago Poilievre cited a Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) report outlining that house prices have doubled nationally since 2015.

The report cites an average national house price figure of $413K that rose to over $811K by late 2021 – the apex of the COVID crisis. The report also makes the point that average prices in much of Canada and especially Ontario were over 50% above ‘affordable’ levels. The impact of the pandemic was monumental, as figures show that prices only rose by 37% from 2015 to 2019 ($413K to $565K), still a significant jump, but underscoring the growth of the last two years. While the PBO’s report comes as no surprise, it highlights the extent to which housing equity has surged in such a short period of time. Tembo can help you take advantage of this historically unprecedented surge in housing equity to consolidate and streamline your debts.

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