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BlogTo recently released a story about a detached triplex house in downtown Toronto on Euclid St. that was recently listed for just over $3.5M. Two years ago, the house was a modest, standard property – the main floor was in good shape, but the basement and top floors were substandard. The owner has since painstakingly renovated and overhauled the entire house – it is now on a completely different level than its neighbouring properties. Open concept floors, large European style windows, tall ceilings, and ample natural light pervade – the house is also equipped with all the accoutrements a modern smart home can have; high efficiency appliances, speakers conveniently built in across the property, a plant wall, and a two-space EV vehicle ready garage.

Euclid St. is a hot property zone just south of Little Italy and not far from transit, great restaurants, Kensington Market, and the downtown core. Most homes in this area are extremely highly valued, but extensive renovations and embracing the latest trends and technology can completely turbocharge a house’s value and character. A Tembo home renovation loan can help you transform a profitable selling proposition into an extremely rewarding experience. We can approve and fund you in as little as 48 hours and give you the peace of mind and resources to start work with contractors extremely quickly. A Tembo home renovation loan can be standard, like finishing up a basement, or polishing up a kitchen, or large-scale:  landscaping, a complete appliance overhaul or a combination of many different projects at once – we are flexible.

The property market has never been more conducive to maximizing value than it is right now. Even a basic, standard overhaul of a kitchen with new appliances and marble finishes can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home and can be accommodated quickly at Tembo. Do not underestimate the potential of your home and the home renovation options you have at your disposal in this market. A Tembo home renovation loan can be a complete game-changer.

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