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Rates are going up for the foreseeable future. We’re in a tightening cycle that will continue until inflation begins to see a sustained decline. Experts predict that rates will go up until 2023, when they will begin to fall again. The expectation is that an economic slowdown and coming higher rates should serve as a powerful joint anchor to inflation. With inflation out of the way and the economy in a tougher state, Central Banks will lower rates again to stimulate our way back to economic and financial stability. This is the trajectory some see coming. So how to play these conditions?

Homeowners who have been prudent and who have seen years of equity growth are well positioned to leverage their housing assets to buy more. Why not take out a private second Tembo mortgage for a down payment? Good real estate deals will be plentiful in the months ahead and the ability to move quickly to put forward a down payment and make an offer will be a huge asset over slower bank approvals – Tembo can approve you for a second private mortgage in Ontario in as little as 48 hours. A private second mortgage by Tembo offers you tools and options you can lean on instead of using your cash, HELOC, savings, or other sources of funding for your down payment.

This is a good moment to consider purchasing a cheaper home in a smaller town or rural area (especially communities with historically low unemployment rates or large densities of public sector employment) in need of some upgrades. Your private second mortgage with Tembo can be advantageous in that it can massively boost your purchase home’s value if used to remodel a kitchen or basement ahead of a sale. Tembo has helped many clients accommodate renovations that have helped them net thousands more on the sale of their properties. Realtors and market experts are consistent in outlining that a remodeled kitchen and finished basement can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of a home. Don’t lose out on the added equity Tembo can unlock for you in as little as two days! Call us today for more info 416 238 6717 or

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