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Call us to explore your options and to make the best use of your housing equity. Don’t discount the potential of tapping into a second private mortgage with Tembo Financial. The first advantage is speed. We can seal the deal on approvals for a second or third private mortgage in as little as 24 hours. Some banks can take weeks to process all the paperwork, get you in for an appointment with an agent, and be satisfied with all of the information. If you’re a couple or a family this will only slow things down. If you have a guarantor that adds to the red tape, the list goes on.  Banks these days are busy, risk averse, and are often partnering prospective clients with junior talent who aren’t as experienced or savvy as senior staff. Financial talent has been in high demand and COVID has seen big shifts in professional staffing and brain drains in some companies and sectors. A bank pre-approval can come swiftly, and financial institutions heavily advertise and pride themselves on this, but at the end of the day, it’s just one green light before a long road of checks. If you don’t have weeks and need a financial option that gets your funds deposited in the bank in 24-48 hours, you should consider Tembo and give us a call. A private second mortgage with Tembo is always speedy. We don’t do credit checks, we don’t need guarantors, and will work with you directly, efficiently, and qualitatively. We have had many clients get funds deposited into their accounts on the same day they came in to see us (especially if they’re in very early!).

Flexibility, expert advice, and tailor-made solutions. Tembo has helped thousands of clients with their financial aspirations, needs, or issues over the years. We’ve seen it all and have the experience and professional know-how to find a solution and give you the best advice. We will analyze and present all of the options to you with clarity and do our best to make things work. We’re here to help you succeed and use your private second or third mortgage as effectively as possible. We’re always a phone call away and understand that clients need flexibility and the confidence that we’re always here for them. If you want to renovate your property to increase its value before a sale, we can work with you. If you need some extra liquidity for a down payment on a condo or an investment property (there are good deals out there in this market), we can support you. If you want to take out a mortgage to clear multiple lines of debt for peace of mind and an increased credit rating, we’re just a phone call away. Banks can be limited and conservative in what they can offer and in the flexibility they can provide to clients. Generic banking products and professional advice may just not be what you need to seize an opportunity or solve a financial problem.

Short-term stability for long-term gains. If you’re planning to buy a new home or are retiring and plan on downsizing, a private second mortgage with Tembo is a great way to get the purchase out of the way before you sell your old property. In this market, having financing as quickly as Tembo can guarantee is a massive advantage you will gain over the army of prospective buyers out there looking for good deals. If you see the opportunity to buy and flip a property come up, a private second loan can offer you a lot of options without drawing on your savings, other accounts, or existing debt (HELOCs/LOCs). The Toronto condo market is a good example for someone with existing equity as rents are surging and as professionals are returning to the downtown core en masse and need a place to live. We have helped young couples who recently got into the housing market do this to make some extra money, but also experienced and successful realtors who were looking to buy multiple properties for fast and savvy transactions. Again, our speed, flexibility, and know-how offer many options and possibilities for our clients. Take advantage of your housing equity to help sell your home, pick up another property, finance a reno, or consolidate your debts – please visit and give us a call at 1-844-238-6717!


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