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About Us

Tembo Financial Inc., licensed by the FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario), is a non-traditional finance company, offering unique lending services and solutions to its customers. For many homeowners, savings are tied up in the equity of their existing property which they are in the process of selling or have SOLD, however they will not receive the money until their transaction closes on the Closing Day.

At Tembo Financial we strive to offer you, our customer, the very best service and products to tailor a solution that fit your needs. We understand how stressful the process of selling your home and moving can be, not to mention the associated costs, many of which are unexpected and not budgeted for.

Our Expert Team

Our team constantly evaluates the best ways to get you the money you need. We can get you access to your money within 48 hour or less. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

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Arryn Greenspan

President & CEO, Principal Broker
Prior to founding Tembo Financial, he spent over five years as co-owner and executive of one of  Canada’s leading realtor commission advance companies…

Alan Friedman

Managing Director
Alan has been connected with the North American public markets for 15 years and has a depth of experience in representing, advising, and assisting…

Arlen Ekstein

Senior Associate
Arlen is a highly motivated sales and marketing professional who possesses exceptional relationship-building skills..
New Employee

Olga Bondari

Mortgage Underwriter & Portfolio Manager
Olga is a highly experienced loan underwriter. Her attention to detail and organizational skills allows her to thrive in fast-paced environments…