Obtaining an equity advance on your home can be simple. An equity advance mean that you are taking some of the money out on your home. For an equity advance, Tembo would place a mortgage on the property, and advance you the funds prior to selling the property. 

They are really quite simple. If you are planning to sell your current property, applying for an equity advance in Ontario can give you the access to the funds you need for any of the following: Deposit loans, legal fees, moving expenses or anything else that you need during the time of the sale of your property.

Little documentation will be needed for the equity advance in Ontario. Tembo would be looking at the quickest and easiest solution for you to have access to the funds tied up in your property! We service all of Ontario, including but not limited to: Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa, Waterloo, London, Windsor and more!