Are you in a situation whereby you have sold or are in the process of selling your home and have just realized that you cannot access the proceeds until closing day? Need money for your deposit on the home you are purchasing or renting?

Don’t worry, Tembo is here to help. With our unique service we can give you access to your money within 48 hours, allowing you to purchase that perfect home today!

Need a deposit loan today? Tembo Financial is happy to help.

A Closer Look…

Let’s take an example from Michael and Michelle, who have recently sold their home. Michael and Michelle sold firm on March 5th, but the sale does not close until June 5th. Michael and Michelle would like to buy a new home as soon as possible, but they’re relying on the proceeds of their sale for the deposit to purchase their new home.

In this case, Michael and Michelle could fill out an application for an equity advance with Tembo Financial, who could offer them the short term solution they needed until they received the proceeds from the sale of their home.

By working with Tembo, Michael and Michelle are:

  • Given more flexibility when purchasing their new home
  • Saving the costs of home rentals in the interim period
  • Saving costs associated with moving to/from the rental home
  • Alleviated from the pressure and stress of the waiting period
  • Avoiding a situation whereby they are not able to purchase their dream home due to the constraint of not having money for the deposit