The Best Place to Get Home Renovation Loans in Ontario

Are you thinking of renovating your home?  Many homeowners plan on renovating both the interior and exterior of their house. Renovations can help the homeowners refresh and update the look of their property as well as potentially help to increase the value.

Thinking of selling your home? Why not add some cosmetic renovations to freshen up the property to try and maximize the sale price of the home.

No Credit checks, Income verification or Appraisals needed* Tembo Financial can provide funds for renovations often in as little time as 48 hours from application to funding.

No matter if you are looking to update your home or to maximize the potential sale price for an upcoming sale, A home renovation loan in Ontario from Tembo Financial could be the perfect solution for you. Get started today!  Apply Now!

Why use a home renovation loan in Ontario?

Regardless of how big or small of a renovation, the price of materials and labour have become very costly, making renovations often unaffordable for many homeowners.  With our home renovation loans, our clients can do renovations like home repairs, painting, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, landscaping, and flooring.

As one of the best home renovation loan companies in Ontario, let us assist you with tapping into your home equity to make your dream renovations become a reality with a home renovation loan in Ontario from Tembo Financial.

Benefits to home Renovations:

  • Improving the functionality of your home
  • Enhance your property value
  • Modernizing the style and bring more life into your home
  • Adding curb appeal to your exterior
  • Increasing the amount of usable space both inside and out

Example of a Renovation Loan in Ontario:

Shane and Marisa purchased an older house in London, Ontario back in 2019 for $365,000.00. They have always been interested in adding some landscaping in the front yard, a patio in the backyard and updating the functionality of their basement, but never got around to doing the work.  In 2022, they did a home appraisal showing a new valuation of $735,000.00. Considering their outstanding mortgage is only $260,000.00, they realized the equity in their home was more than enough to afford the renovations they’ve always wanted to do. After contacting Tembo Financial, the couple was able to get a renovation loan to comfortably complete the work they’ve always been wanting to do. Tembo was able to use their home appraisal to verify the valuation and to provide funds within 48 hours.

Example of a Renovation Loan for getting a home ready for Sale:

Janet and Ed have spent the last 40 years raising their children and grandchildren in their home in Toronto. Now only being occupied by the two of them, Janet and Ed are interested in downsizing and moving closer to be with their children and grandchildren. The couple haven’t updated their house in a while, which was evident from their 1980’s style kitchen and bathrooms. Their children suggested doing extensive renovations to the home to update the property like their neighbors have done. The problem? Janet and Ed are retired and have not planned on saving the $150,000.00 they need to complete the renovations. With one quick call, they spoke to Tembo Financial who was able to provide the funds needed to complete the renovations before they put the house on market for sale. With having their original mortgage paid off, they were able to get enough money for both the renovation and for the deposit on a new condo right around the corner from their kids and grandkids.

Contact Tembo Financial for Home Renovation Loans in Ontario

We at Tembo Financial will offer a home renovation loan whenever our clients need it. This can help them cover all the remodelling work before selling their residential property. The process of obtaining a loan is simple and fast. Please call us at 1 844 238 6717 or email us at to apply today.

Are you looking to do renovations in your home but don’t have the funds to do so? Tembo Financial can advance you the equity in your home so that you can do the renovations your home needs before putting it on the market! With renovations and repairs, you may be able to increase the sale price of your home.

Home Renovations may include:

  • Painting
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Flooring
  • Landscaping
  • Any touch-ups your home needs!