July and august end on high notes

According to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, sales in the GTA soared over 40% in August. Average prices went up to $951K, a 20% increase from August 2019.
Listings also rose, by over 57% compared to August 2019. The surge in August’s listings is more proof of the unfolding trend Tembo has followed – that of people moving away from cities and downtown condos, to the tranquility, privacy, and space of the rural, suburban, and exurban regions. Realtors across the GTA are advising clients interested in selling to list quickly as demand is strong, supply is limited, and prices are in good shape. Note is being made of the ongoing shift to the countryside, with those with means keeping condos as a ‘foothold’ in the cities. 
Realtors believe that the U.S. Presidential election could inject a significant degree of political and social uncertainty that would have ripple effects on GTA real estate, but few expect any of the two outcomes to seriously affect the market. The consensus seems to be the Spring of 2021 as a point of uncertainty – from deferred mortgage payments, ongoing economic aftershocks, the outcome of a vaccine for COVID-19, and the threats of a second wave. With the BOC (Bank of Canada) again maintaining steady interest rates, monetary policy and fiscal policy are being put into maximum effect to maintain strong real estate demand and prices. 
The new hot spots for freehold, or large property homes, are Collingwood and the Niagara region. Realtors are noting the continued ‘aggressive’ moves to these areas. The big word in the market is uncertainty, but positive numbers show an underlying health and ample buying power. Another piece of positive news, uncertainty aside, is that housing starts surged in August, to over 260,000 new units nationally – this is the strongest showing since 2007. Developers are working in overdrive despite COVID-19 to build the homes that Canadians need. 

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The trends continue

In this week’s blog post, Tembo will outline stories which highlight the big accelerating trends in Canadian real estate: falling momentum in the condo market, the ‘back to the land’ trend, and the continued strength of Montreal’s real estate market. 
While condo rents are beginning to fall in Toronto due to weakening demand and a move to place condo units (both newly built and older stock onto the market quickly to soak up tenants), the overall cost of finding a decent unit is still high. Zoocasa recently released an analysis of rent vs ownership for condos, the findings were that in only two pockets of the city East York and Rouge Hill (southeast Scarborough), did the cost of buying a condo make long term sense. Zoocasa’s analysis finds that if the cost of a condo exceeds 15 years of rent, it’s smarter to rent than to buy. Anything that costs 1-15 years of rent is a no brainer to scoop up, and again, that was only the case in East York and south east Scarborough. Areas in Toronto with the most expensive condos (portlands, beaches, midtown, and the Annex, cost on average over 31 years of rent. So while the excitement and frenzy over buying a condo is beginning to wane, rents are still very high by any measure.
A Toronto couple with two kids (successful middle aged professionals) were featured in a Toronto Life article. They spent $750,000 buying a two storey four bedroom farmhouse close to Beaver Valley Ski Club in Markdale, a town just south west of Collingwood. Both had been in the real estate market beforehand, and had bought a small very older built house at Dundas and Pape that they bought for half a million dollars at the height of the 2008 crisis – the perfect and opportune time to buy. The house sold significantly under asking. The couple eventually fell in the love with the tranquility and peace of rural Ontario (as did their young children), and decided to live in a rural community. They bought the farmhouse not long ago, the husband commutes to Toronto and stays in their Leslieville house (they kept it) and the wife works from home. The children are ‘thriving’ in the countryside. This is a story that will repeat itself in the coming years. 
Montreal’s booming real estate sector caught the eye of Tembo months ago, but the momentum keeps building in strength for Quebec’s largest city. Townhouses in Montreal’s downtown core sell for 20% less per square foot than their counterparts in downtown Toronto. The city is vast, and has long had a reputation for extremely cheap rents given its size and job opportunities. High rise and condo construction in the city is accelerating, and the effects of COVID-19 are starting to wear off. The Quebec government arguably employed the most loose and relaxed lock down policies of any province in Canada. Montreal is not just a logistics hub and major port, it is also home to a thriving financial sector (most futures in Canada are marketed, created, and sold here). Montreal’s innovativeness in the financial space is internationally renowned. The city also has a strong service sector, government offices, and a fair bit of manufacturing (oil refining). Prices in Montreal are rising quickly, so take advantage while the city is still affordable (relatively). 

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On the new Tory leader and the state of Canadian federal politics

Erin O’Toole beat out Peter Mackay, the front runner, to claim the crown and leadership of the federal Tory Party this weekend.
O’Toole won by portraying himself as a more right wing Tory than the moderate approach of Mackay, and by a huge influx of votes from socially conservative members of the party. The win was clear and decisive and likely to leave no bad blood. Party disunity is unlikely, although moderates are likely to be disheartened by the continued inability of any candidate to win without the kingmaker votes of social Conservatives. Despite their political edge, Social Conservatives are never satisfied by government policy for the purposes of staying popular with the ‘mainstream’, and so a strange and repetitive political cycle continues to play out. 
O’Toole is the son of former Ontario PC MPP John O’Toole, a well liked and uncontroversial politician from the Mike Harris and Tim Hudak era of the party. He is a veteran and former officer, having graduated from the Royal Military College and having served as a pilot. After completing a law degree at Dalhousie, O’Toole had a successful career as a corporate lawyer. He entered Federal politics in the Harper era, and had a brief stint as Minister for Veterans Affairs. O’Toole is the father of two children, 47 years old, and is the first GTA based Tory leader in many, many decades. At heart, he is a political moderate – he does not have a record espousing any particularly hard right beliefs and has avoided controversy.
O’Toole will likely face an election in the next 12-24 months, or perhaps sooner. To the Liberal Party, O’Toole will appear to be the less dynamic, less attractive, and less appealing leadership contender, especially to younger women and millenials. While the Liberal brand has been battered, the Prime Minister is still liked a big chunk of the electorate and has the fiscal firepower to boost his party’s fortuned in the event of an election. The Liberal Party will also likely claim to be a steady and compassionate hand in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic than a blue blooded fiscal conservative. The timing of the election will be interesting, as will be the future platform and policy positioning of O’Toole. Either way, he should not be underestimated, this is a decorated, hard working military officer with a robust professional background and plenty of political smarts. 

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On our unbelievable real estate market

Summer’s are usually hot with real estate activity in the GTA and southern Ontario, but last month was especially fiery.
Despite everything that’s happened, a 17% price increase was recorded. Furthermore, sales soared over 30% from July 2019. Home prices now average $943,710. As Tembo noted weeks ago, the trend toward low rise and more private homes in the exurbs, outer rim suburbs and rural areas is continuing and accelerating – prices jumped in Durham, Orangeville, and South Simcoe counties. Prices in these areas went up by 12.2% ,14%, and 14.1% respectively on average. 
In these areas, detached homes and condo apartments were king when it comes to purchases. Meanwhile, in the downtown core, stats show that condo sales are starting to slow down. There was a 50% decline in condo sales recorded through the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even as sales of condos collapsed, prices remain high because of limited inventory, declines in building output, and an ongoing stream of buyers. Many owners who turned to rent out their units on Airbnb are now opting to sell because of closed borders, drying up immigration, and less travel. This shows that immigration, traditionally a pillar of real estate resilience, does not have to be high or on the up for prices and demand to be healthy.
With the Bank of Canada keeping rates steady and easing ‘Stress Tests’ requirements on homebuyers, the market has all the momentum and energy it needs with price signals in the green. The growth in activity also reaffirms that there is still ample foreign capital being invested into Canadian real estate for security and safety purposes. The good news will likely continue into August and September before losing some steam in fall and early winter. The big question remains how many homes will come on the market when government and banking measures to prop up mortgage payments dries up. It’s becoming clear that the Feds are eager to unwind the massive spending on COVID-19 relief and support that’s taken the federal debt up to over $1 trillion. 
While effectively every region in Ontario is now in Stage 3 and given daily cases have been well under 100 for some time, we are likely to see more normalization in the coming weeks and months if the good news continues. Meanwhile, Ontario’s deficit has risen to just under $40 billion, with debt well over $400 billion. Additionally, Canada’s credit rating went down a notch given all the spending and higher debts we’ve seen. Good news in the real estate market will come at a cost at some point, and COVID-19’s after effects will remain with us for quite some time. 

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The U.S. turns up the heat on Canada

The Trump Administration has decided to impose S. 232 tariffs on Canadian aluminum exports.
The rumour had floated in the media for many weeks but news of the official decision was made by the President. For southern Ontario, the impact will be minimal in the immediate term as there are no primary producers of aluminum in the province. Most of Canada’s aluminum producers are in British Columbia and Quebec. The reaction to this escalation was dramatic, with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland using the term ‘war’ to describe the situation we now face. Premier Doug Ford also responded firmly, urging people to buy Ontario products and services and pointing to his Made in Ontario campaign. 
Over 11,000 jobs in fabricated metal production were lost in the U.S. last month, a figure which likely spurred the President to make the move. However, the U.S. only produces a fraction of the aluminum it consumes (20-30%). Most of the gap is imported from Canada. The tariffs will mean that U.S. consumers and businesses will now have to pay more for a basic commodity. The move will also hurt North American defense, as aluminum is a key material in the production of various forms of military equipment. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Aluminum association have come out strongly against the move:
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said “bringing back these tariffs would be like a bad horror movie. Most of the U.S. aluminum sector opposes them, and they’ll hurt American manufacturers who use aluminum as an input.”
The Aluminum Association, which represents more than 120 U.S. companies across the entire industry value chain, said: “this dynamic is hurting aluminum workers today” and “efforts to ‘Blame Canada’ miss the mark.” They’ve also noted that imports of primary aluminum from Canada today are consistent with long-term trends, long pre-dating the imposition of Section 232 tariffs in 2018.
The re-introduction of tariffs means further measures like this to our steel sector are possible from a President who polls say is on course for a defeat at the hands of Joe Biden. We may even see tariffs applied to a broader basket of sectors in the next few months. It’s also important for people to note that a Democratic win would not see the tariff issue go away. Senior Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has complained about Canada’s dairy sector. As the U.S. continues to face economic and financial difficulties, it will do what all states under pressure do – squeeze their neighbours. The implications to the broader Canadian economy and southern Ontario real estate could be interesting if further measures are implemented. 

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